Let me show you exactly how to find profitable digital niches on Etsy.


It is a proven research formula that uncovers all the profitable digital niches on Etsy in their Growth Stage. So you can get in early, ride the profit curve with products that sell like hot cakes. 


Etsy Profit proof Formula

If you sell digital or handmade products on Etsy and you’re sick of not getting the sales you'd hoped for, despite all your efforts. 

This is for you!  

If you are thinking of starting a digital product Etsy shop for the passive income but don't want to waste precious time creating products that never sell.  

This is for you!


THE FORMULA WILL SHOW YOU THE products that are selling at an EXTREMELY FAST RATE but are EARLY in their lifecycles, so not many sellers have picked up on it yet. 

THE FORMULA WILL REVEAL HIGH DEMAND PRODUCTS whilst eliminating any OVERSATURATION so you know exactly WHICH PRODUCTS to create that will EARN YOU MONEY right now.

"The Formula and Alys have changed my life. 2020 is going to be EPIC!" Dawn.

Dawn achieved 8 sales in first 24hrs of launching her product and 6812 sales within her first 12mths

"The Formula put me on another level that I wouldn't have achieved on my own." Julie.

Julie achieved a 5.6% conversion rate in her 1st month with just 19 Listings.


Emotions should not dictate what product you sell on Etsy. Numbers should.

Are you ready to make smart and profitable choices on the products you sell?


Does this sound like you?

Top seller on Etsy

You have a serious case of Shiny Object Syndrome, with creative ideas that come and go but never go anywhere financially. You cannot work out which digital product would be the best fit for you, PLUS make you the most money at the same time.  

So you feel stuck in a perpetual state of in-action with no results in your bank account. Sigh!

Passive income printables on Etsy

You've tried to research Etsy to find out which products sell well. You've got lost down the rabbit hole many times, but come up with just overwhelm and a huge case of frustration. 

Everything looks oversaturated. Everything's been done before. How can I possibly get any sales for myself.  

Is it hopeless?

etsy mom

Your time is precious. You have family, you have commitments and you don't want to invest time and energy creating products that never sell. It defeats the whole purpose right?! 

You want an iron clad system to know what to design so when the kids are in bed you can design it, list it and still have time to yourself in the evening.

Work at home Etsy mom

You are feeling the financial pressure to earn money at home, to contribute, to feel successful again. The truth of that can be painful to admit....I know.  

You have this amazing creative talent, but can't seem to make money out of it. At the same time, your desire for financial freedom is strong. You are determined to make it work.

How to research Etsy

Your Etsy shop views and sales are low. You've given it time, but little has changed. You may have are selling a 'low-demand' product. In this case, you have 2 options. Improve your SEO or do more Marketing to get more views on your products…...and both methods are utterly exhausting, often confusing and A LOT OF WORK!  

You didn't start your creative business to be spending all your time marketing did you?  

successful Etsy business

Your Etsy business is booming, BUT you sell handmade physical products and it's burning you out. So much so, you hear the ka-ching and you dread looking at your phone. Now the work starts right? PLUS profit margins are low and your Etsy fees are silly esp. with 'free shipping'.  

You cannot scale a business like this! Time to work smarter.

Find products in a GROWTH NICHE, earn handsomely from them & get back to doing what you love...creating! 

Make SEO irrelevant!

Using the Etsy Profit Formula Research Method™ means you will find products that are in high demand, and it actually makes your Etsy SEO pretty irrelevant. 

You won't find an Etsy Top Seller worrying about their SEO, constantly in a state of anxiety tweaking and testing, trying to solve the big mystery that is the Etsy algorithm.In fact, as I have seen many times with Etsy Top Sellers, their Etsy SEO is awful, but it doesn't seem to matter, they still get a massive volume of views and sales. 

Good SEO will not make you a Top Seller. The right product will.  

It is your product choice PLUS it's Quality Listing Score that will increase your sales every single time.  


"I love how Alys has broken down the steps to qualify our niche in a way I have never seen before!" Jenny.

"The Formula is Foolproof if you follow it." Lee.


Alys Maley Etsy Profit Proof Formula

I am an Etsy Top Seller whose shop ‘Paper Lark Designs’ has had over 41,800 sales to date. 

Etsy top seller Alys Maley Paper Lark Designs

In my first 22 months on Etsy, I earnt $168k USD of passive income from selling 'high demand' digital products to a very targeted niche. This was no fluke. I was 'forensic' in my research to find a profitable niche.

Etsy top seller revenue

I now teach my proven research formula to other creative women so they can find hidden and highly profitable growth niches that are ready to boom.

If YOU are ready and committed to change your Etsy income forever, then Book A Free Call to see if the Formula is a fit for you.

Paper Lark Designs is ranked 77th globally in the Graphic Design Category on Also ranking 14th in Australia and 713th out of 2.1 million Etsy shops, Paper Lark Designs is classed in the top 0.3% of Etsy Sellers (Etsy Rank).



DISCLAIMER: Client names or Etsy stores are blurred out to protect their privacy and their niche/product choices post launch. These women all invested in the Etsy Profit Proof Formula, showed up, did the hard work and continue to do the hard work to reap the financial rewards that the Research Formula gives them. There is no shortcut.

Etsy Profit Proof Formula_Alys Maley
Etsy Profit Proof Formula_Alys Maley

"I learned so much from Alys' coaching! I appreciate how she went into detail on the many aspects of running a successful Etsy shop... things I have not heard in any other course on Etsy!" Jenny.

Etsy Profit Proof Formula
Etsy conversion rate
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula_Alys Maley
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_4

"Just wanted to say you are awesome and your system bloody works a treat!" Dawn.

Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_2
 Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5

"Anyone who is thinking of taking this course do so! So much useful information and so much support." Niki.

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Alys maley etsy
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_2
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5

"Celebrating the BEST month in sales EVER! Karen.

Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5
Alys Maley Testimonial
Etsy Profit Proof Formula Testimonials_5
Etsy coaching Alys Maley
Etsy profitable niches
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"Dang that Cha-Ching is ADDICTING! Rhonda.

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Etsy Profit Proof Formula

It's those who take action that get results.


Enjoy the FREE training in our latest Etsy Seller MasterClass. After watching the free training, if you want to learn more about how the Etsy Profit Proof Formula™ can assist you in selling GROWTH NICHE products on Etsy, then please Schedule a Free Call Below.


On the call, together you and I, are going to get crystal clear on 3 things. 

1. Where you are now in your Etsy business and life. We'll take a look and diagnose why you may not be earning the income you deserve in your Etsy shop. 

2. The exact shifts you need to make right now to generate more income.

3. How to apply those shifts, so you can start buidling that passive/recurring income you dream of from digital products.

It will be the best 45mins you have ever spent on your business.